2014 Audi Q5 Engine Issues

Several engine issues have been reported by 2014 Audi Q5 drivers. Owners of this Audi model describe frightening instances of their cars suddenly turning off or stopping while driving and then failing to restart. Consumers are complaining of how expensive these repairs are, especially as several have been told they must entirely replace the engine.

According to one consumer, the car suddenly stopped while in motion. Dashboard lights came on, and a burning smell and smoke permeated the car’s interior. The driver and passengers had to physically push the vehicle onto the side of the road in order to reach safety. The Audi service representatives informed the owner that the engine needed to be totally replaced, and that the owner was responsible for covering this cost. For a car that is only five years old with under 36,000 miles on the odometer, this defect has caused the owner much grief. Similar reports abound, and many consumers are wary of supporting the Audi brand in the future.

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