2014 Ford CMAX Energi Accelerator & Brake Issues

Consumers have shared their complaints about the 2014 Ford CMAX Energi model and its persistent issues with malfunctioning brakes and accelerators. Many drivers are experiencing unresponsive pedals or acceleration that occurs on its own, leading to some dangerous situations on the road.

One driver shared a time when the vehicle was coasting to a stop at a red light when the car began to accelerate on its own. Fortunately, by quickly applying the brakes, the driver was able to stop the vehicle. This same consumer described other instances of backing the car up, only to have both the brake and accelerator pedals remain completely unresponsive, even after multiple attempts to engage them. Another driver reported that when he removed his foot from the accelerator to slow down, the vehicle did not respond, even after applying the brakes. These unresponsive pedals caused the car to crash into another vehicle, resulting in two injuries.

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