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Fiat Chrysler Considering a Recall of Over One Million Vehicles

A number of Jeep owners have struggled with engines that excessively consume oil and create additional problems, and Fiat Chrysler is looking into issuing a recall over tailpipes that emit excessive pollution. Approximately one million vehicles could be impacted by this recall.


Ford Issues Recall Over Braking Failures

Ford Motor Company recently issued a safety recall that affects 2015-2018 Ford Edge and 2016-2018 Lincoln MKX SUVs. Affected consumers will soon be able to receive replacement front brake jounce hoses that are not prone to leaking or increased risk of crash.


How Do I Know if my Vehicle is a Lemon?

If you are struggling with a persistent vehicle defect that has yet to be resolved after several unsuccessful repair attempts, you may have a lemon on your hands. Contact an attorney to determine what path to take to obtain the replacement vehicle or refund you’re owed.


Toyota Issues Recall for Prius Hybrids in Danger of Losing Power

Toyota has recently issued a recall affecting several of their Prius hybrid vehicles. Certain vehicles may fail to enter a failsafe driving mode as intended, which could result in loss of power and increase the risk of collision. Affected consumers will be notified by late August 2020.


Over 2 Million Ford Vehicles Recalled for Faulty Door Hinge

Ford recently issued a recall that affects over 2 million vehicles. Many models are impacted by a defective door hinge that may cause doors to swing open while the car is in motion. This recall addresses several vehicles who already sought a repair for this issue that failed to resolve the problem.