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California Auto Dealers Struggle Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The current COVID-19 outbreak is wreaking havoc on auto dealerships, as their sales have plummeted in recent months. Like most other businesses, car dealerships are simply waiting to see how the next few months unfold, hoping that consumers will eventually come back.


Auto Recall Repairs in the Time of COVID-19

If you’ve been notified of a recall affecting your vehicle, you may be wondering how the COVID-19 outbreak could impact the repair process. Before your visit, contact the dealership to ask about the measures they are taking to ensure consumer safety during this time.


Recent Toyota & Honda Airbag Recall

In late January 2020, Honda and Toyota announced additional airbag recalls affecting as many as 6 million vehicles worldwide. Although affected consumers will be notified of the recall within the coming weeks and months, replacement parts will not be available for at least another year. 


The Manufacturer Bought Back Your Lemon. Now What?

Once a manufacturer buys back a defective vehicle, what happens to it? Depending on the state, the vehicle may be resold with a clear warning about its troubled history or it may obscure its previous status as a lemon. Speak to a lemon law attorney to learn more about your consumer rights. 


What is California’s Lemon Law, and When Can You Use It?

California’s Lemon Law is designed to protect consumers from becoming stuck with malfunctioning vehicles. There are a few criteria that are used to determine whether your vehicle meets the legal definition of a “lemon,” so if you think you have one, contact a lemon law lawyer right away.