2014 Toyota Prius C Stalling Engine Issues

Although hybrid vehicles are praised for their environmental friendliness, they are not immune to defects or safety issues. Complaints about stalling engines in the 2014 Toyota Prius C model continue to accumulate, as drivers are reporting instances where their vehicles suddenly stall and shut off entirely. According to one owner, the vehicle suddenly stalled while […]

2014 Mazda MAZDA3 Excessive Brake Wear

When you decide to buy a lease a newer vehicle, you can reasonably expect the brakes to function properly. However, consumers who have driven the 2014 Mazda MAZDA3 model are finding that this model’s brakes are wearing out at an alarmingly quick rate. Of course, issues that affect the brakes can pose significant risks to […]

2014 Lincoln MKZ HEV Powertrain Problems

Multiple issues with malfunctioning or unresponsive engines and transmissions have been reported by drivers of the 2014 Lincoln MKZ HEV. Many consumers shared accounts of their vehicles suddenly losing power or starting to move while the car was still in park mode. Although Ford Motor Company has already issued nine recalls affecting this model, several […]

2014-2015 Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems

Drivers of the 2014 and 2015 Honda Odyssey are finding themselves struggling with many transmission issues. There are reports of significant clanking or jerking when changing gears and vehicles that either would not start or would start and then stop suddenly. In general, the clanking problem has failed to be sufficiently addressed, and similar reports […]

2014 BMW 328i Engine Stalling Problem

It has recently come to our attention that certain 2014 BMW 328i vehicles’ engines may unpredictably stall when vehicles are being driven. Individuals have reported the car stalling when they were attempting to accelerate to pass another vehicle at a higher rate of speed. An engine stalling while a vehicle is travelling at an increased […]

2014 Ford CMAX Energi Accelerator & Brake Issues

Consumers have shared their complaints about the 2014 Ford CMAX Energi model and its persistent issues with malfunctioning brakes and accelerators. Many drivers are experiencing unresponsive pedals or acceleration that occurs on its own, leading to some dangerous situations on the road. One driver shared a time when the vehicle was coasting to a stop […]

2014 Lexus ES350 Electrical System Issues

Those who own or lease a 2014 Lexus ES350 may find themselves experiencing any number of electrical system problems, ranging from steering issues to doors that fail to lock or unlock properly. A number of complaints have emerged from consumers in recent years, many of them detailing several problems with the electrical components of this […]

2014-2015 BMW Bosch Fuel Pump Failures

The following BMW models have been confirmed to have fuel pump issues and failures: The 2014 BMW models include: 228i Coupe, M235i Coupe, 320i, 320xi, 328i, 328xi, 335i, 335xi, ActiveHybrid 3, 328xi Sports Wagon, 428i Coupe, 428xi Coupe, 435i Coupe, 435xi Coupe, 428i Convertible, 428xi Convertible, 435i Convertible, 328xi Gran Turismo, and 335xi Gran Turismo.  […]

2014 Audi Q5 Engine Issues

Several engine issues have been reported by 2014 Audi Q5 drivers. Owners of this Audi model describe frightening instances of their cars suddenly turning off or stopping while driving and then failing to restart. Consumers are complaining of how expensive these repairs are, especially as several have been told they must entirely replace the engine. […]

2014 Buick Verano Electrical System Defects

As our cars increasingly come with more intricate electrical systems, the potential for these alerts and programs to malfunction appears to go up as well. Many people who own or lease a 2014 Buick Verano have come forward with complaints about their vehicle’s faulty electrical system, such as failing detection systems, cars that turned on […]