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2015 Dodge Dart Issues With Power Train

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As drivers and passengers, we like to trust that our vehicles are not going to suddenly become unresponsive or shut off completely. Unfortunately, some owners of the 2015 Dodge Dart have reported a wide range of electrical and powertrain issues, many of which were potentially dangerous. From cars that roll forward even when in park mode to cars that simply shut off while traveling along at various speeds, consumers are voicing their complaints and calling for the manufacturer to provide answers and solutions to these issues.

One owner of the 2015 Dodge Dart shared an experience where he put the car in park mode and went inside his friend’s house. Apparently, the car did not register that the shifter was in park mode—the car slowly rolled forward, crashing into the homeowner’s grill and then tumbling down the hill behind the house. Another user reported a similar instance of putting the car into park mode, but the vehicle continued to roll forward into traffic. Other drivers are reporting stories of their vehicles completely losing power without warning, such as one user whose car completely shut off and whose steering wheel seized. Even when this driver put the car into park, the car kept rolling forward. While the manufacturer finally issued a recall in April 2019 to address the shifter cable bushing that may detach from the transmission, many consumers are still awaiting answers.

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