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2015 Mini Cooper S Electrical System Failures

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From malfunctioning lights to powertrains that completely shut off, drivers of the 2015 MIni Cooper S have reported a significant number of electrical system issues affecting this make and model. While some complaints describe repeated issues that are merely bothersome, other reports are about malfunctions that jeopardize the vehicle’s safety. 

According to one owner of a 2015 Mini Cooper S, the horn contacts quickly became corroded, even though the vehicle had less than 20,000 miles on it. As a result of this corrosion, the horn works intermittently and frequently malfunctions—it may take up to five or six times of pushing down on it for the horn to finally activate. Another driver reported an instance where the key fob failed to unlock the trunk, and while the owner was walking towards the trunk to see what was wrong, the car suddenly began to roll, even though the emergency brake was engaged. The vehicle continued to roll, jumping a curb and crashing into the foundation of a nearby home. Other drivers have reported that, while their cars were stopped at a stoplight or stop sign, their vehicles suddenly lost all power and shut off completely. While six recalls have been issued for the 2015 Mini Cooper S so far, there has been no recall issued that pertains directly to electrical system failures.

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