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2016 BMW 3 Series GT Braking Issues

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Multiple reports of braking problems in the 2016 BMW 3 Series GT model have recently surfaced. From unresponsive brakes to instances where the vehicle seemed to independently accelerate and lunge ahead, many braking issues in vehicles of this make and model have left drivers feeling panicked and afraid for their safety.

One driver describes an instance where the car was traveling along at a speed of roughly 40 miles per hour. When the driver saw an upcoming stoplight, he pushed down on the brake pedal, only to have the car hesitate for a moment before lunging forward. In a panic, the driver pushed both feet onto the brake pedal, but the car continued to move forward for several feet until it finally came to a stop. After many inspections, no cause or explanation has been found. Other drivers report similar events, where the vehicle pauses and then suddenly propels forward, even when the brake pedal is depressed.

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