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2016 GMC Terrain SUV Engine Defects

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In recent years, a wide range of engine issues have been reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) by drivers of the 2016 GMC Terrain SUV who have experienced persistent engine problems. While some complaints detail more minor issues, such as delayed responses, other reports describe more serious matters, such as the complete loss of engine power while the vehicle is in motion. The manufacturer has yet to issue a recall pertaining to these matters, yet consumer complaints continue to be filed.

One owner filed a complaint describing how the engine did not shut down, even after the driver removed the key from the ignition. In order to finally shut the engine off, the owner had to continually reinsert and remove the key until the vehicle eventually responded. Another owner explained that the car does not respond appropriately to the accelerator, creating a delayed response. Additionally, the gauges will spike and fall suddenly, followed by the illumination of the check engine light. Even after over seven repair attempts, the issue has yet to be diagnosed or fixed. A driver in New Jersey described how the front of their 2016 GMC Terrain SUV made a sudden exploding noise while the vehicle was traveling at a speed of 12 mph. The driver quickly exited the SUV as smoke began to waft out of the engine compartment. With this wide array of engine issues, other consumers who drive a 2016 GMC Terrain SUV should be sure to monitor their vehicle for any such problems.

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