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2016 Jeep Patriot Engine Malfunctions

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Several complaints about stalling engines in the 2016 Jeep Patriot model have been made in recent months. Apparently, many drivers are experiencing engine troubles that cause their vehicles to stall out or shut off altogether, even when traveling along at highway speed. Additionally, there are instances of improperly functioning warning indicator lights that do not reflect the true state of the vehicle.

One driver described multiple instances of the vehicle stalling intermittently while in traffic. Even after pulling to safety and restarting the vehicle, the owner said the check engine indicator remained on, but when the issue was checked out by a mechanic, there was no sign of trouble. Another consumer shared an experience where the vehicle suddenly seized up while traveling at 50 mph, and when the driver tried to push on the accelerator, the car did not respond. Even though the vehicle was inspected and no issues were discovered, this same event happened again at a later date.

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